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Use The Right Paint Finish

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Ready to paint your home? Be sure to use the right finishes in each room and feature to make the best impact in your home. Using the wrong finishes can backfire for home owners if the wrong ones are used in the wrong spaces. Below, you'll find the most common finishes and recommendations on where they are best applied to.


Flat is a low-sheen paint with a non-reflective finish that touches up well and hides minor surface imperfections.  It's ideal for low traffic areas, interior walls and ceilings.

Matte has a low luster reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, touches up well, and also hides minor surface imperfections. It is great for low to moderate traffic areas, such as bedrooms, and interior walls.

Eggshell Enamel has a soft, velvety appearance and is a good choice for moderate traffic areas such as living rooms.

Satin Enamel if you desire a pearl-like appearance, and are painting moderate to high traffic areas or areas that have some exposure to moisture, such as kitchens.

Semi-Gloss Enamel if you desire a sleek, radiant sheen that is great from cabinets and trim, high-traffic areas and high-moisture areas.

Hi-Gloss Enamel creates a brilliant, shiny appearance with a glass-like finish. This is great for high-use surfaces

Reasons to Choose A Neutral Cabinet Color

White Kitchen Design In New Luxurious Home: White kitchen design features large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights. Stainless steel appliances framed by white shaker cabinets . Northwest USA


Kitchen trends come and go, but there’s no denying that neutral-colored cabinets can always stand the test of time. Since the early days of cabinet manufacturing, white cabinetry has been at the top of the charts when it comes to cabinet sales- and for good reason. Read on to learn why white, gray, cream and other neutral cabinet colors are always in!


Neutral cabinets can create a space that feels open and inviting. They can make a small kitchen seem more spacious and a dimly-lit kitchen feel bright and airy. White has always been associated with cleanliness and purity. Color therapists suggest that bright colors represent happiness and innocence. A light cabinet color can produce this welcoming and positive vibe in any kitchen or bathroom.

It’s best to keep in mind that dirt can never hide in a kitchen with light-colored cabinets. However, when the cabinets are well-maintained, they can easily brighten up the room and offer a charming, classic look. Neutral cabinet colors are anything but stark and boring when paired with the right décor.

Shaker White


You can achieve almost any style when designing with neutral-colored cabinets. The lighter finish will work well with nearly any paint color, countertop and backsplash. Whether you are going for a traditional, modern, or even vintage country style, you can pull it off using a neutral cabinet color. Just add the right accessories and hardware to complete the look. Whites, grays and creams are so easy to work with because they leave you unrestricted in terms of the complementary textures and finishes you can use. Go bold with a bright yellow wall color or add accents of deep blue. Or you can downplay the colors and patterns to stick with a crisp, clean look by using white counters and a classic subway tile backsplash.

A neutral cabinet is perfect for the homeowner who frequently updates the look of their space, but prefers to do so at a low price. You can achieve a whole new look in a cost-effective way by simply adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing the backsplash, or swapping out the fixtures and decorations. These seemingly small changes can make a huge difference in a kitchen or bathroom with neutral cabinets. The space can look refreshed and new in a cheap and timely manner without having to replace the cabinetry each time the homeowner feels the need to change things up to match the current season or trend.


Neutral-colored cabinets continue to dominate the market. Despite the recent interest in bolder and darker color schemes, time has shown that whites, light grays and creams will never go out of style. Neutrals offer a timeless look that is a great foundation for a wide assortment of other colors and textures.

Although white cabinets are a classic look, it’s important to remember that they can end up feeling cold and stark in a bright space that has not been properly decorated. Aside from adding the right accessories, you can also add warmth by opting for light gray or beige cabinets. Off-white cabinet colors have proven to uphold their value over time nearly as well as the standard white.

All homeowners know that it just makes sense to spend only what they can recover when it comes time for resale, so it’s imperative to find ways to maximize their profit during a remodel. The flexibility and practicality of neutral cabinets makes them a smart move for any homeowner who is considering resale. There is no risk involved with choosing light or white cabinets because they have been a top seller for decades. Unlike other current trends, there is no decrease in popularity projected for the future.

Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Is your bathroom small? It’s the worst, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, small bathrooms are very common, and are usually the smallest rooms in the house. I can almost bet that it almost always feels cramped and tight in there. Although the square footage doesn’t change, a change of organization and storage space can make a drastic change to how your bathroom feels. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your bathroom space feel more functional and spacious.

  •  Medicine Cabinet
    If you have a regular mirror, replacing it with one that includes a medicine cabinet and provide further storage space.

  • Shelving
    If you have free space above your toilet, vanity, or other another empty part of the wall, install shelving units. Purchase a few decorative baskets to maximize shelf space.

  • Hooks
    With a few decorative hooks, in a style of your preference, you can declutter by placing a couple on the back of the door to hang towels or robes. Perhaps one or two right next to each end of the shelving unit you just installed.

  • Towel Racks 
    A rack installed inside of you shower can save you space and convenience, also adding an additional shower bar above the original will work nicely. Another idea is installing a few racks a couple of feet above each other or right next on another. If you have an excessive amount of towels, store some of them away in the bedroom closet.

  • Vanity with Cabinet
    I have come across plenty of pedestal sinks in small bathrooms, but if you want save some space, add some storage, and upgrade the look of your bathroom at the same time, a vanity cabinet will definitely do the trick.